However, Guo Xiaosi encountered the pursuit of two younger brothers of the Qing school. At this moment, he saw a younger brother of the Qing school being chased by the four old demons, but he couldn’t help each other. Moreover, even the gap in his heart strength made him terrified. At least in the spinning period, the master was forced to go his own way. A younger brother in the foundation period was not enough to plug the teeth of the four old demons.

Therefore, it is better to be a dead enthusiastic person than a living indifferent person while the big thugs on both sides hide their magic with cloth hats.
Stroll to the border two miles away, and no one has been seen in the back four miles. Guo Xiaosi just drove his dagger and flew towards the front. It will be late before he found an inn to stay with his dagger. It was not urgent and there was no need to travel overnight, so he still had to save his strength and wait for another day.
Sitting cross-legged in bed, I can’t sleep for a while. Guo Xiaosi is thinking about something while thinking about the great cause of self-cultivation. If some elixir materials are refined, then the hope of entering the spinning period will be greatly increased. Although it is dangerous, it should not be a problem to have enough mana to make it through.
It is relatively easy to build a foundation in a refined gas realm, but it is more difficult to rotate the illumination under certain variables. The rotation period cards of some different clan cultivation methods are also different, but it is extremely difficult to enter the Dan-forming period from the rotation period, which is simply dwarfed by the first two.
Holding an elixir-seeking foundation will greatly increase the success rate, and the corresponding achievement method will reach the top level. It is not a problem to break through unless you are careless or have insufficient mana and willpower. If you want to enter the elixir stage, you have to wait for the elixir, but also your luck. Even if you are fully prepared, you will break through the chance of failure in the elixir stage. If you fail once, you will not be able to start over again. If you are unlucky, you may lose your life and practice hard for several years to turn into a dream of spring.
In the period of Zongjiedan in Changhuai, the number of masters reached more than 120, while that of Qing school was more than 200. There were many talents who broke into the period of Jiedan at a young age. After that, it was even more difficult to refine the realm of gas. It is said that people who reached this realm will enter a new world. They think of cultivating immortals in the realm of refined gas, just like cultivating immortals in the realm of refined gas, but cultivating immortals in the realm of refined gas can’t reach their heaven and earth at all.
This road is hard for Guo Xiaosi to understand. When he was a mortal, it was impossible for him to enter the area of cultivating immortals and gathering together. For example, it is impossible for him to enter the land like Changhuai Sect, which not only blocks the mountains and dangerous mountains, but also prohibits mortals from entering the ground. Therefore, it is impossible to refine the realm of gas and forge the realm of God.
Entering the realm of refining and gasification, Guo Xiaosi hasn’t thought so far yet. In his view, it’s only a matter of time before he enters the spinning stage, but it’s much more difficult and risky to enter the knot stage. Therefore, he must be cautious if he wants to enter the knot stage, but Master Bai Tianya Bai will give himself some advice, so this master must never offend him, even though he is not too good to himself, because whether he can get through the knot stage depends largely on how many secret skills Master Bai Tianya Bai has given himself.
It’s not a fun thing that fate is in the hands of others. Although he is reluctant, he also knows that it’s not too late to get a chance to break into the final stage of Dan.
Everything is well thought out, and Guo Xiaosi no longer sleeps hard.
He didn’t get up early until dawn, and he had to practice early every day. This has formed a habit of sitting cross-legged and preparing to have a big cycle of fetal breathing. Although the aura here is extremely thin, we still can’t abandon this habit of being lazy once, but the first time it will be the second time and the third time it will probably break the great cause of self-cultivation and the thousand-mile embankment will be destroyed by that small ant nest.
Suddenly, not far away, the subtle roar sounded a little different. It seemed that he had come straight to himself from half a mile away. Guo Xiaosi was surprised to find that he had fallen asleep. The cloth hat fell on the bed and was not worn. When he got up early in Yan Mountain, he didn’t wash. He was too lazy to wash first and then practice, but he didn’t want such a bad habit to harm himself.
Good habits can benefit people, but bad habits are likely to be destroyed once Guo Xiaosi knows this way. I don’t know if it’s too late, because the ring is getting closer and closer, and he still has some aura, which Guo Xiaosi can feel completely.
Wow, a wooden window was smashed with a red light. Guo Xiaosi prepared a defensive ofuda to throw the red light in front of him. The red light fell like a meat ball and didn’t seem to be glittering and translucent but not very clear.
Guo Xiaosi, do you want to look carefully at what’s inside this light group? The sapphire swordsman is splitting towards that light group.
spare sb’s life
A faint sound came from the room.
Guo Xiaosi was taken aback. Is there anyone else in this room who hasn’t noticed it at all?
The sound of forgiveness continues to ring.
Guo Xiaosi this just listen to clear hair ring is the red light, is this a monster Guo Xiaosi drink a way to say who you are?
I’m Panghu, the second child of Qing school, and I’m called Panger. I was chased by the four old demons of the magic clan and killed by him. Fortunately, I had prepared Yuan Shen to escape here. The red light group quickly explained that he seemed to have felt the cold from the sapphire sword.
What? You are Guo Xiaosi, the Pangeryuan God. This is a big surprise. He knows that everyone in this world is made up of the physical Yuan God. Mortal endurance is equivalent to the death of the physical Yuan God, and the cultivation of immortality can continuously strengthen the Yuan God through cultivation. When the Dan period is over, the physical Yuan God forms an elixir and attaches to it to form a sacred fetus, so that even if the physical death or destruction of the physical Yuan God can be separated from the physical body for a while.
It is not unlimited that the Yuan God can be separated from the body. This is compared with the degree of cultivation of immortality. It is said that cultivation of immortality in the Dan period can keep the Yuan God away from the body for an hour, and it is said that it can be separated from the body for a month in the Mahayana Ascension realm.
If the body has been destroyed or the body is dead, then a new body must be chosen. If the body is a mortal body, then the body will not hold up and be blown to pieces. Once the Yuan God gets into a suitable body and devours this person, the Yuan God can openly occupy this new body.
So according to this, the Qing Pang Duyuan God just wanted to get into his body and devour his Yuan God, and then he took over his body and made his Yuan God disappear. The body was occupied. Guo Xiaosi thought of this and couldn’t help sneering, I don’t care what clan you are. If you just got into my body, wouldn’t you want to devour my Yuan God and occupy my body?
Pang Er’s mind was punctured by Guo Xiaosi, and he was embarrassed for a moment. He didn’t know what to say. He mumbled a word when he saw that Guo Xiaosi’s face was already exposed to murder. Then he cried in panic. Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t be this brother. I can see that you are a foundation-cultivating immortal. It’s not far from the Qing school. It’s only less than half an hour before you take me back to the Qing school and find my big brother. I will repay you well when the huge thing is done.
Guo Xiaosi sneered, don’t even think about it. I won’t be fooled.
Guo Xiaosi knew clearly about Yuan Shen for a long time, so he also knew that Pang Er had to devour a person if he wanted to be reborn. Yuan Shen was devoured by him in the Qing faction, and the best candidate was Guo Xiaosi.
In this way, Pang Er not only reached the goal of returning to the Qing school, but also led by his eldest brother, Guo Xiaosi, and then successfully occupied Guo Xiaosi’s flesh. When he escaped from the clutches of the four old demons, he quickly flew in the direction of the Qing school, but suddenly found that an inn in this town actually hid a cultivation of immortals during the foundation period.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven Early to BeiShi
I’m going to fly back to the Qing school, and then I’ll just find a brother to practice in Shan Ye in the middle of the morning, and then I’ll devour him. Yuan Shen will occupy his body, but I don’t want to cultivate immortality in the construction period nearby, and it’s not that the Qing school’s brother Pang Er is more than expected. This cheap thing can’t be met at any time, so I can simply take this body away.
But he didn’t want this brother to have a low-order magic weapon in his hand. Even when his body was still alive, he might not be able to resist this magic weapon attack. Worse, now his body has been destroyed and Yuan Shen is wandering around.
Guo Xiaosi guessed his idea and said bluntly, don’t move any crooked ideas. I won’t take you back to the Qing faction. I’m afraid it’s not up to me when I get to the Qing faction site, right?
Pang Er’s plan was once again seen through by Guo Xiaosi, but he tried his best to argue. It’s not that I dared to hurt my savior. If you want to bring me back to the Qing school, my eldest brother will give you three high-order instruments as a reward for me.
Guo Xiaosi didn’t listen to his nonsense. A surprise hand reached out to grab the Pang Yuan God into his own hands, like holding a meatball. Pang Er designed to pull Guo Xiaosi but didn’t want Guo Xiaosi to grab the Yuan God unceremoniously. This guy has no good intentions and wants to take the Yuan God to Qing Paigen. It’s not so hard.
What are you doing, my friend and brother? Pang Er panicked and his accent trembled.