This is a kind of protective method. No matter how powerful your attack is, unless it is completely exploded, it will rebound all its strength. The mink flashes and stares at the gate for a while and suddenly says

It is not difficult to get rid of it after all because it has been eroded by years.
Lin Dong knew that it was urgent and did not dare to delay too much. Quickly, the palm of his hand was extremely soft and attached to the ancient gate, and then the swallowing force broke out and eroded the ancient runes of the gate inch by inch.
And in the surge of devouring power, the ancient runes gradually became illusory, and finally dissipated completely after a while.
As those ancient runes dispersed, the gate suddenly became decadent at an alarming rate, and finally collapsed in front of Lin Dong with a click.
With the collapse of the gate, a terrible Dan gas in the Dan room erupted like a blocked Millennium volcano
The essence of Dan Qi Wan was blown away from the Dan room, and even the forest movement was shocked. Then Dan Qi Teng was still a smoke column, which was clearly visible for a hundred miles.
When I saw this Dan room, I made this kind of movement as soon as I hit it. Lin couldn’t help cursing this movement. I think many strong people will come here.
Go quickly, go in, Lin Dong waved to Xiaoyan behind him, and then he jumped into Nadan room like a rabbit.
The light in the Dan room is not dim, but full of softness, but the lingering Dan gas makes people’s sight slightly blocked.
However, after a moment of adaptation, this kind of obstruction has been able to see Lin move and look up, even if he can’t help but take a deep breath of air conditioning.
This Dan room has a large area, in which huge stone pillars stand, and at the end of these pillars, there is a S-shaped Dan medicine with different colors, and a surprising Dan gas is constantly emitted from these Dan medicines, and just looking at this Dan gas will know that these Dan medicines are not ordinary things.
Lin’s eyes with a little trembling taste swept for a moment and then condensed in a silver S round Dan medicine. Everyone immediately gave a sound and murmured, This is Du E Dan.
It is said that Du E Dan, also known as Du Jie Dan, is almost every nirvana-strong baby pill. Everyone knows that nirvana is strong and the most feared is nirvana robbery. Many nirvana strengths have fallen on this side, and this Du E Dan is able to raise the chances of successfully surviving nirvana robbery.
Ordinary people say that if they want to hold Du E Dan, they will have a nearly 70% chance to survive a nirvana robbery. Although this may be exaggerated, they can also know the strength of this Dan medicine.
When Lin Dong saw that there was one here, even he heard about the transition to Erdan, which would become such a gaffe.
For nirvana robbery, he is also particularly afraid. Although he is protected by mysterious stone symbols, nirvana nine robberies are more horrible than one robbery. Who can guarantee that every robbery will be successfully passed after this? If Du E Dan’s words are suspected, he will be insured. He can’t hide the fiery S in his mouth and eyes, but his body is directly plundered and he grabs this thing at that stone pillar. Du E Dan has to.
Lin’s figure flashed very quickly, and now it’s Du E Dan’s powerful force surged and turned into a big palm and grabbed it at Du E Dan.
However, just after Lin Dong was about to seize that Dan medicine, there was a sudden quiver and an amazing Dan gas surge, which seemed to form an illusory human form to resist Lin Dong’s big palm.
Du E Dan’s resistance made Lin Dong leng. Obviously, I didn’t expect even a Dan medicine to be able to launch a counterattack. However, he was obviously stunned for a moment and immediately returned to absolute being. Immediately, he smiled and the black hole was spread.
That powerful Dan gas has just come into contact with a black hole and is swallowed up by a bite, while Lin Dong is exploring the palm of his hand again and finally grasping this Du E Dan into his hand.
As soon as Dan medicine is started, a kind of hot temperature is emitted, and Lin can perceive that it contains huge strange energy.
This is Du E Dan Yao. Lin couldn’t help but wonder at a name with a loud head. Dan medicine presents silver S, and its Dan pattern surrounds the stars of Judah. Generally, whether it is luster or other, it is chosen.
I’m afraid if this thing is auctioned, it’s worth less than 3 million nirvana pills, and it’s still worth a few nirvana pills, and it’s worth a lot of money.
Lin moved his hand to put this Du E Dan into the dry Kun bag, and then looked at the other pillar face Dan medicine. Obviously, all Dan medicines here are not all.
Xiaoyan can take as much as she can at will.
Lin moved to Xiaoyan and urged them to be the first to come here because of their speed, and they had to hurry while people were fighting for it.
When I heard Lin move, Xiaoyan was also rude and plundered directly, while black light roared from his palm and swept away at those Dan medicines.
Two people roar in this Dan room, regardless of what Dan medicine he is and where he can go. It’s not easy to meet such a place.
Two people blowing speed is quite fast, but it still failed to blow this Dan room, and after about a few minutes, Lin also heard the shortness of wind coming not far behind, and the figure flashed into this Dan room.