In the face of this fierce blow, Meng Fei slowly shook his head and pressed the sharp flank.

Although it is possible to slay Yang Mo, the suspicion will attract several eyes. Meng Fei never wants to see this situation.
The most important thing in his eyes is to hide his identity and secret information is not important to other things.
Punch forward without any evasion.
You need to go through three moves to get the position of ten thousand husbands.
Two people fist is faint blood mans strong-willed faster than speed, if the rush of thunder is instantaneous, it will bump together, and the breath of the earth will suddenly erupt from the middle of the hand and sweep.
a moment
Meng Fei turned pale and turned back more than ten feet. Although the breath fluctuated slightly, it was obviously not seriously injured. Chapter one thousand one hundred and thirty-four Crazy.
Yang mo suddenly stare big eyes eyes fell on Meng Fei.
How is it possible that this bloody flying punch didn’t die? This punch is very important. He knows very well that I’m afraid it’s easy to take a punch, and this bloody flying will be qualified as a commander.
HongZhanLong grim smile slowly gathered and then completely gloomy.
Blood fly can be hard to meet Yang Mo’s adult and die with one punch.
That his strength has not reached the peak level of the king of blood, and he is qualified to be a captain.
No, you can’t let this blood fly successfully, or you will be an officer of the dark legion, even if Yang Mo is an adult, there is absolutely no chance to hand it again. Today, this blood will fly to death
A wave of fear in Hong Zhanlong’s heart is irreversible and blood flies. At this moment, it must have been guessed that Yang Mo’s hand is because if he dies today, Hong Zhanlong will surely be calculated in the future.
The blood king’s peak calculated that he would die
Yang Mo’s adult doesn’t have a strong hand. Once adults get serious, this blood will fly to death.
And the adult’s goal is to compete for the position of the treasure to display its strength as an enemy at the same level.
This blood fly must die, must die.
Hong Zhanlong’s eyes were fixed on the presence, and he looked pale and looked at the tall and straight figure. In his heart, the invincible Yang Mo’s adult did not have the firm confidence as before, and the fear firmly occupied his heart.
Yang Mo’s eyes are slightly dignified and fall on Meng Fei’s body and mind, and the dangers are getting better.
It’s a great shame for him that he can’t kill a little new blood king. If he can’t even kill this person, how dare he take part in the competition for leadership?
Heart growl a Yang ink in vitro momentum soared again at the moment striding forward with a punch in the drink.
make a din
Even though the barrier is forbidden, the breath here is still handed to attract the attention of several soldiers, and then the face changes slightly, and the eyes show fear.
Most of the eyes of the Emperor of the Ten Kingdoms War are slightly wrinkled, but the eyes are not traced. It is still a population that has a slight hesitation in the body of the Qing Feng Emperor.
My hands are too heavy.
Compared with a new king of blood, this Yang Mo unexpectedly broke out and approached the enemy force of the king of blood, so wouldn’t it be meant to kill this blood fly?
In all the wars, the eyes scanned the blue wind, and the Emperor was indifferent, but he couldn’t see any different colors, but he was angry.
Brother Yang Mo, why are you so confused this time? Just before everyone has seen me, I want to kill this blood and fly. Isn’t this malicious hand of yours falling behind his population?
Otherwise, there’s no room for turning around, so it’s time to slay this blood fly completely.
Against me, the wind family is in the dark legion, and this storm is still against us.
The wind’s family, the Dark Legion, the top ten families, and a patriarch occupy a seat in the Presbyterian Church, and their strength is strong.
One of the top ten deputy heads of the Dark Legion, Qing Feng Tiandi, is a member of the Feng family. In addition, the commander-in-chief and the commander-in-chief also occupy seats, and many people are a big force in the Dark Legion.
It is also because of this that although the other ten emperors have watched Yang Mo kill Meng Fei, the population is still there.
After all, they didn’t infringe upon their physical interests without provoking catch-up. Even the Emperor of Mo Xie didn’t want to offend the Feng family of the earth.
In Meng Fei, although the strength is not weak, it is comparable to the blood king’s peak fighting power, but there are not a few dark legions with such fighting power, and no one will take it to heart even if they die.
Just when everyone decided that Meng Fei was going to die, people saw that the darkness of his eyes was dark, calm and dark, and the mysterious brilliance on the abyss was chilling.
In my heart, I am in danger
If it weren’t for worrying about exposing Meng Fei’s power to nullify this Yang Mo but backhand.