However, the magic practitioners who followed the six magic deities who had been destroyed in form and spirit were such magical powers, and the enlightenment of the former Monty Hall was so shocking to them that no one was a prescient and hid away early.

Today, the evil spirit is rolling, and there is no peace in Fiona Fang except for Li Yueling’s body and Zhou Baizhang.
One by one, these magic practices were defeated by the evil spirit, and they were taken alive by the essence and died, and they were integrated into the evil spirit without even making a bad hum.
Until now, I still haven’t seen the crack, but Li Yueling is cold-tongued, with a wave of his hand, a waterfall suddenly breaks through the rolling magic evil spirit like golden light from his palm.
Illuminate most of the field of vision.
You are no longer hiding you. I’m an old acquaintance. I must be ashamed to meet people. Come on.
Li Yueling’s hands frequently waved a circle and a circle of golden light waves swept away, but several breathing efforts have swept away the evil spirit in the hundred miles.
These magical powers also make the gods who are still hidden in the monty hall spy on the outside world and can’t help but lose heart.
Ten years ago, this man destroyed his body by sneak attack and a ghost who could deny himself. How can he be born in just ten years? This man is so much taller than before. It is because of the immortal power and the wind that he can blow away the evil spirit of the accumulated monty hall. Even though the essence of this evil spirit has been absorbed, it is very powerful. This man’s repair is very strong even in those ancient times.
Cracked raccoon calculating in my heart, but then I thought that my physical strength was in a different state ten years ago. I thought that I had already merged with the chaotic mirror of Monty Treasure, even if the other day and ghost devoured me.
Add chaos mirror, which can be compared with peerless power. It’s time to avenge.
Thinking of this split, I rolled up a black gale and rushed straight from the monty hall, and the chaotic mirror was wrapped in the core. At this moment, the shape of the split is very different from the past, but the shape is much smaller than the original terrain. Ten feet long.
However, there is an extra layer of condensed and persistent magic Yuan Gang Qi in the whole body, but it is always threatening. This is caused by cracking. In the past ten years, the magic evil spirit has been refined in the temple. This layer of protective magic Yuan Gang Qi can be said to be stronger than the fairy armor. Ordinary thunder and fire magic weapons attack and crack the roots, but relying on a layer of magic Yuan Gang Qi, they can not be damaged at all.
Finally, I am willing to meet people. Li Yueling is not afraid to crack and show Tao Monty Wei’s hand. He smiled indifferently.
You smelly Xiaotian ruined my flesh account at the end of today, so you have to calculate it together. You have to peel off your three souls and seven spirits. Only by refining the magic fire one by one can you solve my heart’s hate, crack my mouth, spit out people’s words, and make a ferocious face. lost face is now complete
Presumably, you have tried your best to dare to talk like this, but I see that although you are solidified, it is very different from before. What’s more, you were completely destroyed at the end of the day. Presumably, it is only through some external material resources that you can form an incarnation.
Li Yueling, the magical powers of Bo Xiao’s various families are also eye torches. At this moment, it took a few minutes to see the appearance of Cracker, so I saw that he was different.
The split raccoon was almost roaring, laughing and shaking, and the clouds were scattered, but it was not a dozen feet. The split raccoon was restored after it merged with the chaotic mirror, but it was not necessary all the time.
Smelly boy, it’s amazing to let you taste the magic land today
Open my mouth and crack my mouth. I’ve already sprayed a huge axe condensed by the essence of the magic evil spirit. This is the most powerful crack of the ancient magic evil spirit. It is the force that shows how much Li Yueling hates in his heart.
It’s just a little snake. If you can become an emperor, Li Yueling will play with you. It’s also an interpretation of the Yuan God’s statue. His body has skyrocketed into a giant with indomitable spirit. His hands are sealed and his mouth is full of words. It’s the six words that kunlun mirror gave him.
Chapter four hundred and eleven Fire crow monty
Because Li Yueling sacrificed himself to refine the three major skyfires and one missing skyfire in the world, the fierce fire in the six-character true decision at this moment is even more powerful.
I really want to burn the sky through the sky. I waved my hand and rolled up the flame. The flame was actually condensed into a white fire phoenix. When my wings danced, I rolled up a thick flame. The wind swept away and cracked, and I sprayed a demon in my mouth to refine the axe.
Two very different forces collided in the middle, which immediately caused the earth to shake and change color. On the one hand, there was a black magic flame axe, and on the other hand, the fire phoenix posture held its head high and spread its wings.
At this moment, once it comes into contact with the magic flame and skyfire diffraction all over the sky, except for Li Yueling, the rest of Fiona Fang’s hundred-mile range is actually burned into a real boundary in an instant.
Look at the situation again. This fight was actually a well-matched fight. Don’t say that the fire is fierce. Bai Fenghuang is also missing. Except for the range of Fiona Fang thyme, it was burned into bare ground because of this fight, but it was also impossible to see all kinds of magical powers before them.
It’s all ancient skills, and you’ve learned from it that the chaotic devil will never die, but Li Yueling’s avatar is suddenly full of consternation.
It will be your home again, Li Xiaoye. Not only will I be pregnant with the six-character Broadcom, but I will also beat you to tears. Dad shouted Niang? Li Yueling teased the monist deity and laughed. I followed the hands of a heavy nine-year-old Vulcan clock, which was a change and flew from the cold-fighting ring.
This time, Li Yueling is playing by his own means, and he is far from the Vulcan clock. After all, the crack is no better than the bloody magic knife. This guy is also the chaotic devil of Taikoo 36 Road, and Li Yueling can destroy him.