Hu Ling family is recognized as the first family in Dongzhou, and its building scale is very imposing.

Although the mountain is not high, the number of swords and awns shuttle through it, but the breath is enough to make people change color.
At the entrance of the mountain, a huge sword stands with a handle, and the word "Hu Ling" is carved in the middle of it. It is unusual to practice the knowledge of gods and sweep it, and it is also a strange way to sense it.
But at the moment, Meng Fei’s eyes rested on his slightly changed face, showing caution. He knows all the gods, and all the methods can be broken. At this moment, he found out that Hu Ling was composed of several tiny firm but gentle words.
Inside, firm but gentle, dense and constantly wandering, vaguely connected with each other, is even more faint and obscure, fluctuating and showing a little destructive atmosphere.
It seems that this giant sword is very simple, and once it is launched, it will be extremely shocking.
Hu Ling’s family’s sword into the Tao, a sword into the sky, a sublime Dongzhou, is really extraordinary. Meng Fei’s eyes twinkled and his eyes showed admiration.
Come all the way to see the Hu Ling Family Patriarch Array, which is closely linked and interconnected to form a huge sword array, which can be stimulated individually or led by one shot, causing the sword to gather at one point and release a terrorist blow.
This offensive alone can repel the six levels of life and death, which can be said to be quite scary to protect the family.
Check all kinds of identities. The guards of the Hu Ling family led Meng Fei and others into Fort Hu Ling, the true core of the Hu Ling family.
Step by step in front of heaven and earth is suddenly a Chapter three hundred and nineteen No retreat.
Seeing the strange peaks around Fort Hu Ling, all of them are steep and straight, and the thunder clouds are flashing with great momentum.
Youquan Waterfall thundered and stirred up water all over the sky.
There are dense forests and mountains, and the water is flourishing.
All kinds of exotic animals growled and walked in the mountains and flew in high school.
Plane Meng Fei looked up and swept away, and the pupils contracted violently, which shocked him.
Ancient powers can exert great magical powers, relying on some kind of power to forcibly tear one side apart. This is something recorded in ancient books, but what you see in front of you is real.
This Hu Ling family, Fort Hu Ling, looks very inconspicuous from the outside, but inside it is another Gankun.
I don’t know how many areas in this vast expanse belong to the Hu Ling family.
This handwriting is really shocking.
Meng Fei took a deep breath slowly during the heart agitation pressure eyebrows slightly wrinkled this Hu Ling family strength is really tough to the extreme, it seems that the imperial state forces can compete.
A moment later, Bai Changhen and others woke up one after another and looked at each other. They were all shocked.
Leading the way, although the Hu Ling family members looked calm and didn’t reveal anything strange, they rose with pride in their hearts. Obviously, the reaction of the Bai family and his party had long been expected.
You enter here is the core castle of my Hu Ling family. It is forbidden to be in danger. It is forbidden to be attacked by false attacks because you follow closely.
Look supercilious and calm.
Goin’ Down the Road
A moment later, a towering castle appeared.
This castle is very high, and it looks like a magnificent palace with many layers of clouds. Its clouds are rolling and looming, like a place where heaven and man live, which makes people look at it and feel awe.
Ten small castles built around it are slightly lower, like a vault, which will guard Hu Ling Castle in the middle, adding a little momentum.
At the moment, in front of a castle, more than a dozen old people are all dressed in luxurious robes, and their every move is quite dignified and graceful, and they are all good at nature.
These people are obviously welcoming.
The man who led the way for the Bai family came here and whispered a few words before turning away.
In a short time, among those welcoming guests, an old man fuels and salutes. The old man is the custodian of the elder pavilion of the Hu Ling family. I have seen all the guests. Today, the family promotion ceremony was held in Fort Hu Ling, the main fort of the Hu Ling family.
The speaker took a jade card from his arms and offered it with both hands. This jade card can be sealed and unlocked for ten days before it can enter the main castle, otherwise it will be forbidden to strangle. Be careful.
White long hate took a look at it slightly and gave it to Meng Fei.
Meng Fei’s eyes flashed slightly, and the gods swept away without noticing the abnormality. This just handed it to Bai Bufan and let him hang around his waist.
You follow the old lady. The protector of the Elder Pavilion turned and waved to let people hit the castle gate, and then entered the castle. Meng Fei and other Bai family members followed.
The Hu Ling family’s main fort built a huge square called Jian Lian Di.
All previous family promotion ceremonies were held here.
Around the square, hundreds of guardians of the Hu Ling family all look solemn, their eyes are bright, their breath rises, and they all experience killing cold-blooded soldiers. There is no doubt that if anyone dares to make trouble here, they will be bombarded by these cold-blooded soldiers.
In turn, the square has a number of places to symbolize status, such as stone platform, jade platform and golden platform, which are all for receiving various forces.